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There are lots of fly reels out there, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Aspen Reels hopes to make that decision easier by offering a reel that is a superb combination of quality and value.

    The Aspen fly reel is strong, simple, and lightweight, making it ideal for all fly fishing applications. The Aspen will be your reliable and steady companion through season after season of fishing. Its sturdy construction will endure extremes of weather and harsh environments as well as the inevitable, though surely not intentional, rough handling.


•  Designed and manufactured in the USA

•  4 stainless steel ball bearings (3 on 'D' models) for smoothness and durability

•  Body and spool are CNC machined out of solid 6061-t6 aluminum 

•  Oversize Ultra-Strength Alloy 7068 or Titanium main shaft and disc

•  Fully sealed drag mechanism for trouble free operation  

•  Large disc drag for powerful fish stopping action

•  Extreme-Temperature PTFE drag system provides low friction

•  Easy to use, sure grip drag control knob

•  Hollow main shaft cools drag heat faster than conventional solid shafts

•  Custom stainless steel/aluminum one-way clutch for reduced weight

•  Clean sweep notches help remove sand between body and spool. (surf fishing)

•  May easily be changed from left to right hand retrieve

•  Pop-on, pop-off spool for easy cleaning and line changing

•  Reel foot is machined as one with reel body (no screws to come loose)

•  Non-glare finish on all exposed parts (great for stealth fishing)

•  Handle, counter balance and drag knob are inset. (no line snags)

•  Handle is machined for light weight and smooth operation

•  Neoprene case can be used on or off your fly rod

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